Constructing Spaces 'Northcote' project featured in Green Magazine

Constructing Spaces is proud to have our 'Northcote' project featured in issue 43 of Green Magazine.

In addition to starring on the front cover there is a comprehensive article on pages 48-54.

This is a stunning project and the article details the environmental and sustainability elements of the construction.

For more information or to view online please visit :

Please have a look at the 'Northcote' project under the new houses section of our website.




Constructing Spaces is proud to announce the commencement of our own internal landscaping division.

 We have completed numerous projects and would encourage you to view a sample of the works completed at the Northcote project.

 Images can be found under 'New Homes' - 'Northcote'. This is just a sample of the stunning works being completed by Andy and his team at Constructing Spaces.

Our landscapers are available to undertake specific landscape projects regardless of whether Constructing Spaces is completing the main construction. Please call (8645 5570) us to ask any questions you may have.

Audio Visual

When designing a home often the audio visual aspect of the design is overlooked, or just thought of as something that can be done later.

Considering what audio visual needs you will require in each room will make installation of systems much easier down the track.

It is as simple as which rooms will you be watching TVin? Will you want pay TV connected also? Do you want to listen to music in this room and if l am listening to music is it different to what is played in other rooms? Where do you want Internet connection or will you use a wireless system? Where will all this equipment be stored?

Don’t be overwhelmed by audio visual, be prepared. At Constructing Spaces we can assist you through planning and installing all of your audio visual requirements.

Wine Cellar at home

More and more clients are including some sort of wine storage in their new home or renovation. It may be as simple as including some good quality wine fridges or more involved with the construction of a climate conditioned wine cellar.

Wine is a very personal and often valuable asset and needs to be stored appropriately. When cellaring wine the most important factor is to ensure the quality of the wine is maintained but a cellar can also be a space where wine can be enjoyed.

When building and fitting out cellars we work closely with MacPhees who specialist in wine storage. From wine cabinets and wine fridges through to fully customised cellars, MacPhees can assist through the process.

Please talk to us if you are considering a cellar in your new or existing home, we’d be happy to assist.